Brian Donovan Fitness

"I love my fitness coach. I am VERY particular about fitness coaches. I always pick one by watching them work with their clients. I assess the results of their clients and their own personal results. A fitness coach needs to look like a fitness coach. Brian is one of the best. He is not a chatter box. He is quietly effective and he means business. He focuses on your form, pushes you tirelessly, changes the workout constantly to confuse my body, and has helped me become more stable (I used to trip and fall all the time, weird, I know). My results have been the best testimonial.




with Brian. My whole body has trimmed down. My whole goal was to have a more lean body, not buff or overly muscular. He tailors my workout for my needs.

It is funny, because I get asked about my 'personal trainer' every few days. He truly is the best. I can't say enough things about him. I hired Brian two and a half years ago. It's one of the best gifts I have given to myself. I go to him 3 times a week, which I recommend."


before and after

Terry Ledford, 42

Small Business Owner, The White Attic

Exercise Of The Month – Smith Machine Power Press

How To Do It: Set a flat bench in the middle of a Smith machine so that the bar lowers to your middle chest. Lie back, grasp the bar with a shoulder-width grip and unhook the latches. Slowly lower the bar to your chest just as you would during a normal set of bench press. When the bar reaches your chest, explosively press it up so that you throw the bar up as high as possible, to the point that it actually leaves your hands at the top. Upon release, keep your arms extended with a slight bend in the elbows and catch the weight as it comes back down. Reset your hands so they’re even before doing the next rep.