Correct Form And Full Range Of Motion

The Importance Of Correct Form And Range Of Motion

One of the major benefits of exercise is that it keeps us active and able to perform daily physical tasks without injury. For example, if you know how to deadlift correctly, then you understand the correct way to pick up and put down heavy objects such as furniture without throwing your back out. However, far too often I see people performing exercises in the gym with terrible form using way too much weight. This is dangerous. Technique should always be the primary focus. Using correct form and a full range of motion will ensure that you are building strength throughout the entire movement. In addition, studies show that resistance training with a full range of motion can improve joint and muscle function, increase stability and joint strength, and decrease the likelihood of injury to a joint.

Full Range Of MotionStart with an appropriate weight, and make sure you understand how to perform the movement correctly. Once you can
do this, then go ahead and start increasing the weight to make it more challenging.

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