Is Fruit Juice Bad For You?

Fruit Juice vs. Whole Fruit

When most people see the word “fruit”, they think “healthy”. This is true if we are talking about the whole fruit. Whole fruit has a natural layer of fiber that slows down the absorption of sugar. However, drinking fruit juice is actually one of the quickest ways to put on extra pounds. In fact, a single serving of fruit juice contains the same amount of sugar as three and a half donuts and about 150 calories. The lack of fiber and high concentration of sugar you get from fruit juice causes blood sugar levels to quickly spike. This is the feeling you get when you experience a “sugar high”, a quick burst of energy. This spike then triggers the release of the hormone insulin to help the body bring those levels back down. In a nutshell, elevated insulin levels cause the body to store fat. In addition, when blood sugar levels come back down you experience the inevitable “sugar crash” which can sometimes cause hunger pangs, sluggishness, and irritability. Furthermore, when extra carbs are not used as energy they are stored as body fat.

Avoid Fruit JuiceInstead of drinking fruit juice, eat whole fruit. Give your body the fiber it needs and let the sugar from the fruit absorb at the rate it was meant to. Also, consuming protein, healthy fats, fiber, or some combination of all of those along WITH the whole fruit will greatly reduce the impact on your blood sugar levels.

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