“Dry January” Fitness Challenge

“Dry January” Fitness Challenge

Happy New Year Everyone!

Coming off of the holiday season, I have had a handful of requests for a January fitness challenge to help ring in the New Year and get people back on track. While this challenge may not pertain to some, I believe it will be a tough but achievable challenge for many. There are two options to the “Dry January” Fitness Challenge and the rules are pretty cut and…well….dry.

  • Extra Dry Challenge
    • No alcohol consumption for the entire month of January. No exceptions.
  • Dry Challenge
    • You are allowed to drink one day per week for the month of January. No binge drinking (5 or more beverages for men, 4 or more for women).


January Fitness Challenge

A lot of people look to cleanses and detox diets of various sorts at this time of year. I do not believe in these for a handful of reasons, so instead I felt that a challenge to eliminate probably the single most toxic thing the majority of us put into our bodies for 31 days would be appropriate.

For some, the first 2-3 weeks may be difficult. You may even experience some temporary withdrawal symptoms like irritability or disrupted sleeping patterns if you consume alcohol frequently but if you can make it to the end of the month, you should start noticing higher energy levels, natural deeper sleep, weight loss, clearer thinking, and increased productivity among other health benefits.

Something To Add?

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Good luck!

Coach Brian Donovan

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