Brian Donovan Fitness Client Reviews

“If I could give Brian 10 stars I would, but the 5 that Yelp offers will have to suffice. I trained with Brian in Bucktown for a year and half and only stopped because I am temporarily moving out of Chicago for a year. I hope that when I get back he has room in his schedule for me. Brian is a wonderful personal trainer and motivator, and overall kind person. He helped me lose weight, body fat, increase tone and increase confidence in myself. His workouts always kept me on my toes and interested. I never used to like going to the gym but I can honestly say I looked forward to our twice weekly workouts.”

Lindsey Greenberg, 34

IT Manager, Lead Genesis

“Over the last year and a half I’ve trained with Brian on a regular basis. Brian loves fitness and knows how to make every workout different and challenging. He is constantly switching things up and keeping it interesting. Brian is very skilled and knowledgeable, but what I like about Brian is that he is also very down to earth and fun. This is why we have also “clicked” and become friends outside of our days of training. I HIGHLY recommend Brian for anyone looking for strong nutritional guidance, a great fitness program, and just a darn solid individual to train them! There was a reason he was VOTED BEST OF CHICAGO!”

Kevin Graham, 44

Central Regional Manager, King Estate Winery

“I’ve been working out with Brian for over three years now and am very happy with the experience and my results. The sessions are customized to me and my fitness goals – it is not one size fits all! Brian has an easygoing style with just the right amount of push to keep you going and motivated. He is very approachable, positive and knowledgeable, and I really appreciate his professionalism and good humor. It’s so exciting to be able to do things I never thought I could do and to gain the confidence to try whatever physical challenge Brian comes up with next!”

Karen Forsling, 42

Internal Communications Manager, Accenture

“I’ve been seeing Brian for 4 months now and have lost 16 pounds. Those are results that speak for themselves but there’s more to the story. Brian is extremely knowledgeable and educates as well as encourages. He isn’t the “in your face” coach or trainer some would expect, but rather someone that encourages and supports as one makes the journey to meet their goals. He’s flexible with scheduling and has monthly competitions amongst clients to help keep things fun. Workouts are varied in style and intensity as to keep your body from getting too used to any one particular movement. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is serious about getting into great shape. Be willing to make a commitment and work hard but it will pay off!”

Nathan Dey, 29

Investment Banker, Republic Partners, Inc.

“My sister and I were reluctant to work with a fitness coach or personal trainer because we thought we knew all there was about working out. However, upon doing our research we stumbled across Brian’s page and thought we should give it a shot… and boy did we get lucky . After the complimentary workout session (& may I add NOT a lot of trainers offer ) we knew we had to book more sessions!! Brian’s high level of professionalism, nutritional knowledge and easy going manner makes him the perfect fitness coach. On top of all this, he wants to help you achieve your goals and expectations in a realistic and healthy way (lets face it, Kim Kardashians butt cannot be achieved in one week SO YOU NEED HIM!!) lol. Overall the buddy sessions have been great, the pricing is very reasonable and his flexibility is making working out a blast. Thanks Brian, you’re awesome and looking forward to many more sessions =D.”

Natalia & Monika Ruszaj, 24

Personal Banker & Insurance Agent

“Started working out with Brian a few months ago with the goal of losing weight and toning instead of becoming bulky. Brian is soft spoken but a tough Trainer which is what I like and needed. The workouts were varied and always were difficult and I was extremely tired afterwards. I’ve worked out for years but now I realize that my workouts are nothing compared to what he provides. Working out different muscles each time helped me to lose weight. I ended up going from 200 lbs. to 185 lbs. in 3 months. I am very happy overall and my workouts now are harder than they used to be because of my experience with Brian so my weight is relatively stable now.”

Bryan Johnson, 40

Auditor, CME Group

“I usually workout about 4-5 times a week on my own. I finally reached a plateau in my workout and muscle growth. I hired Brian for about 12 training sessions after watching him train others at the gym and watching his technique and interaction with his clients. I have enjoyed working with Brian and will continue working with him. Brian will push you to achieve your goals, and you will if you have the dedication. In addition to fun training sessions (even though you’ll be sore at the end of them), Brian will also give you all the nutrition advice you may need or ask for. In my opinion, a coach who treats his body the way Brian does, is definitely a great fitness coach.”

Hazem Sweiss, 36

Small Business Owner

“I selected Brian Donovan as my coach because he holds two of the most advanced personal training certifications and has a great, low-key but encouraging, demeanor.

During the time I have worked with Brian, I have reached and exceeded my weight loss, body fat, and flexibility goals. Every workout with him has been customized to my unique fitness goals and challenges. I was born with back problems and Brian is great about adapting the exercises for my specific needs. I’ve been working with him for over two years and have never had an injury.

In addition, Brian is great about keeping up with the latest fitness and nutrition news and studies and always shares helpful tips for me to incorporate into my daily routine.

I highly recommend Brian for anyone seeking a trainer. Whatever your needs and goals, he will develop a program for you that WORKS, and you’ll have fun along the way because he has a great personality.”

Doreen Levy, 40

“I have been training with Brian three times a week for over three years now. I like his style as he is serious about what he does, but at the same time he has patience and a great personality. This combination makes for a motivating workout. I also like the fact that he offers a varied workout regimen so my body can get ‘shocked” each time we work out. Over the last 7 months I have dropped 20 pounds and lost 7% body fat! If you are in the market for a personal trainer or fitness coach, look no further!”

David Hilst, 49

Sr. Vice President, Administration & Operations, Alva-Amco

“I love my personal trainer. I am VERY particular about personal trainers. I always pick one by watching them work with their clients. I assess the results of their clients and their own personal results. A personal trainer needs to look like a personal trainer. Brian is one of the best. He is not a chatter box. He is quietly effective and he means business. He focuses on your form, pushes you tirelessly, changes the workout constantly to confuse my body, and has helped me become more stable (I used to trip and fall all the time, weird, I know). My results have been the best testimonial.

I have lost 30 pounds and 6 inches around the waist with Brian. My whole body has trimmed down. My whole goal was to have a more lean body, not buff or overly muscular. He tailors my workout for my needs.

It is funny, because I get asked about my personal trainer every few days. He truly is the best. I can’t say enough things about him. I hired Brian two and a half years ago. It’s one of the best gifts I have given to myself. I go to him 3 times a week, which I recommend.”

Terry Ledford, 42

Small Business Owner, The White Attic

“Brian is my fitness coach and is assisting me to reach my goals for increased strength, toning, and greater fitness, along with nutrition advice. I highly recommend Brian to anyone looking to loose weight, tone up, look and feel great, and increase their fitness level. In 20 sessions with Brian over 8 weeks I have seen wonderful results with lost inches and many compliments!”

Kim O'Neal, 44

Sales Director

“Brian is great. I have been a client of his for the past couple months and am seeing some excellent results. We meet twice a week and the workouts he puts me through keep me feeling that good kind of sore all week long – in other words he always pushes me to an optimal level. Brian has done a great job educating me on nutrition and has put together some very helpful customized work out routines for me to run through on the days we are not training together. He really cares. Brian is as professional as you could ask for while at the same time a very friendly, easygoing type of guy.”

Robert Kegan, 28

Construction Manager

“Coach Brian Donovan is, hands-down, the best fitness coach I have ever had. He has a huge store of knowledge on fitness and nutrition and maintains professionalism without sacrificing personality. Within the first two weeks of training with him, friends and family began noticing my increased muscle mass. Stepping on the scale I noticed I’d lost nearly 10 pounds–I couldn’t believe that my two main goals were on their way to being achieved in such a short time! Brian knows his stuff and because he tailors his skills and knowledge to suit one’s needs, any one who is looking to get in shape would benefit from Brian’s help.”

Wancy Cho, 33


“Do you remember back in grade school that teacher who never yelled yet everyone respected and obeyed? Well, Brian Donovan is cut from that cloth. Friendly but focused and intense, Brian pushes me to exceed my previous limits not by yelling at me, but because I know that he’s tailored the exercises specific to my strengths and weaknesses, and I can see how he is constantly fine-tuning the order and type of exercises to push me further past my previous failure points. This summer I’m looking forward to setting newer and higher fitness goals for myself and having Brian’s creative routines and coaching to get me there.”

Mark McConnaughay, 45

Financial Advisor

“Coach Brian creates an innovative and tailored work out for me each time we meet. I need work on my balance and general core strength. He impresses me with a variety of exercises and I had already seen improvement after our first 4 visits. I look forward to our Sunday mornings. I am treating my 50’s as life as a rock star and Coach Brian Donovan is getting me there. Getting older is festive if you take care of yourself!”

Julia Anderson-Miller, 56

Director of Design Services

“Coach Brian is knowledgeable, thorough and creative. He excels in motivating you and finding that optimal balance between pushing you and yet allowing you to get on with your work the day after. The proof is evident: I have lost weight, my endurance has improved, and my wife has stopped looking elsewhere for a fitter mate!”

Kris Harihara, 51

Financial Advisor